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Lazy Gray helps organizations scale with customized application development, ensuring your business operates like it’s supposed to: efficiently.

We deploy a multidisciplinary approach to application development, ensuring internal and external needs are met. We combine our experience with cross-platform development so applications operate well on various front-end and back-end languages, browsers, programs, and portals.

Sometimes there just isn’t an existing tool to fit your unique business needs. We can help you analyze your current processes to architect the perfect solution. Once we are done, you will have a collection of scenarios you can present to any software development company, include us if you choose, to use as a base for cost and time estimates.

Once the initial lightweight architecture is complete, we can start building the application. Lazy Gray believes in transparency, so you’ll have access to the entire body of work as it is being produced. This includes everything from high-level task lists to low-level code, you decide which level you prefer.

Let us review your current custom application to help give you insight into what is happening within and around your product. We call this the ecosystem. Tools in the ecosystem include analytics, code quality statistics, source code control, error notifications, system uptime and status.

Do you have a task or series of tasks that you do everyday that requires too much time from you and your team? Many of these processes can be automated to relieve the strain on your team and allow them to redirect their efforts where they are really needed.


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From custom application development to efficiency audits, we’ll help your business scale effectively by creating — and enhancing – business processes.

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